The dream team

A female team of three :
1 fair-haired, 2 dark-haired
with lots of ideas
lots and lots of energy
lots and lots and lots of ingenuity
but first of all, with passion
Carefully blend these ingredients
adding a handful of fancy
and a good sense of humour
and on top of it, a sprinkling of southern accent:
well done, you have it !

She was trained at the HEAR in Strasbourg and ESMOD in Paris and Tokyo. She has always had a passion for leather and won several competitions such as Comité Colbert contest or Charles Jourdan. Footwear, leather goods, belts have become her chosen fields.

After ESMOD and BOULLE schools, her fascination for fashion has taken her all over the world to build up collections of accessories. India and China are for her places of research and reflection: there, she can find the sources for her inspiration and vitality.

Born in one of the French capitals of leather and armed with a degree in marketing, she conducted a leather goods workshop with a master’s hand for over a decade.
Today, she is at the helm of the production and marketing of our company.