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What is upcycled leather?

Upcycled leathers selected by Bandit Manchot are very high quality leathers that were initially purchased by prestigious brands to design their collections but which were finally not used. In buying them back, Bandit Manchot gives them a second life and makes these outstanding materials accessible to ordinary people through collections of accessories for women and men.


What are the main steps in making a bag from Bandit Manchot upcycled leather?

First, we select the most appropriate hide, then we cut each of the pieces that make up the bag. The cut pieces are then heat marked. Then comes the stitching and finally the crimping of the rivets and/or snaps. And then of course the quality control and finally the packaging.


Where can I buy a Bandit Manchot product?

Bandit Manchot accessories are sold online on our website and within a network of 350 boutiques in France and abroad.

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Where are our bags made?

Bandit Manchot bags are designed in Paris and 100% made in our workshop in Graulhet in the Tarn department, the French cradle of leather goods, renowned for its traditional craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.


I would like a bag that has been sold out, can I order it yet?

Write to us at to let us know. Each bag is produced in limited quantities due to the outstanding leather pieces used but we may be able to offer you the same model in another finishing or colour.

How can I get my item repaired?

For any repair request, please email our after-sales service at, providing photos of the product. Depending on the case, the product will be taken care of by Bandit Manchot’s after-sales service.

Subject to the current legal provisions, the defectuous item will be transmitted for repair to the workshop. They will decide then on the course of action to be taken, namely :

  • in case of a manufacturing defect found and validated by the workshop, we will repair the item free of charge or replace it with a new item of equivalent value, or refund you.

  • for items that have been used, the repair will be charged according to an estimate invoice that will be sent to you before any repair.



How do I care for my bag?

In order to clean your leather bag, we suggest using a specific cleaning milk or a suede rubber if the leather has a velvety aspect.

To nourish your smooth or grained leather bag, we invite you to use a specific nourishing gel.

In order to protect velvety leathers, we suggest waterproofing the article before use. Waterproofing sprays are available on the market.

Tip: test on a hidden part of the product to make sure that the spray does not leave any stains.

In order to preserve the elegance of your bag, we advise you to protect it from contact with water, prolonged exposure to the sun and any source of heat, liquid or greasy substances.

When not in use, we recommend filling it with paper and storing it in a dry place to keep its shape.

Finally, to prevent a possible transfer of color on your bag,  we advise you to be careful if you wear dark clothes. They can rub off on your model (the reverse is also true). You should pay particular attention to velvet and nubuck surfaces. 
Note that waterproofing limits the migration of colors.

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