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« Try and make your life a dream and let your dream come true » :
Once upon a time, there was Bandit Manchot.

Anne, Marie-Christine and Marie-Laure. Three women, three life stories, one power: to design and produce fashion, a fashion that is different, and that comes up in a different way. 
While their careers as designers have been calling them all around the world, these women with a passion for fashion and leather have made a sad observation: All luxury houses buy outstanding skins and leathers to make prototypes or collection samples but which are not then selected when they get into production. They are just being wasted.
Their intuition soon proved them right, as they purchased these lots and began to imagine collections of accessories for women and men... But there was no question of compromising on the ethics they had indeed imposed on themselves when launching their brand. All the production should be made in short circuit in France.

trousse bandit manchot rose
Anne Duquesnoy à Graulhet

Graulhet where it all started

A workshop was set up in Graulhet (department of Tarn, Southern France) with the aim of designing an ecosystem of know-how and building a team of local craftsmen. Such a noble endeavour! At the colour organ, Anne works on the ranges, puts her inspirations in colour, anticipates future trends and sniffs the air of the times. She is also the one to script the latest new products, setting a fruitful atmosphere and coordinating everything connected to communication. Alongside her, Marie-Christine develops collections, structures the brand portfolio, and creates prototypes while also managing the company. As for Marie-Laure, she coordinates the craftsmen in the various trades, supervises the production, which is entirely made in Graulhet and accompanies the commercial development of the brand...

Made in France for enhanced

Second, Bandit Manchot was also lucky enough in anticipating the market's expectations, namely extensive customisation of accessories. The age of standards that imposed the newest It bag season after season is over. As we at Bandit Manchot work only with rare and accessible upcycled leathers in very small quantities, each series produced is limited to a few copies.

Gamme coloris Bandit Manchot
Sac kaki Bandit Manchot

Committed and positive fashion that gives a soul to the act of buying

Bandit Manchot, a committed and resolutely positive universe where colours blossom and leathers are joyous and colourful. 
A purposely affordable, committed fashion that defines a new approach to everyday luxury, between green fashion, the timelessness of noble materials and the sustainability of a unique development model.

« It is really useful because it is beautiful » 

The elegance of a purse, of a bag or of a satchel first tells us a story, each time different. A unique story punctuated by the age-old and precise gesture of the craftsman who shapes and transforms the hide to create a piece that is unique and alive. 
Fashion accessories that carry with them human values full of passion, respect and pride. Everyday partners embellish and give rhythm to the lives of women and men by offering solid, simple, elegant, joyous, colourful, timeless, sustainable, and affordable products.

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