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80th anniversary of Dday

Updated: Jul 5

When one of our clients told us of her desire to produce very special cards to celebrate the anniversary of Dday, we started by racking our brains to offer her a design that took into account all her wishes.

The story began with this email, received exactly 6 months before the event:

« Here is already some information:

  • 250 cards

  • possibly with a personalized back which would show the place of purchase of the card – LUC-SUR-MER

  • silver or gold markings, no color

  • the mentions must appear: 80th anniversary / D-DAY / Battle of Normandy / 1944-2024

  • delivery mid-March/early April 2024

I really like the idea of ​​the origami dove. I imagine something modern, light with rather fine lines. Rather cheerful where we feel more the side of liberation than the horror of war, no image of weapons.»

Here are the first essays we sent back:

Here is the end result:

Besides the fact of having completed the project, it is its symbolism which counted for us.

A tribute to this decisive battle in which many Allied soldiers lost their lives so that we could regain our freedom.

The importance of memory and the power of remembrance. Tattooed into the leather.

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