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This is one of our identification signs.

Why red?

When we developed this concept of putting skins left behind by others back into the saddle, it was impossible for us to match our zips with the millions of leather colors we had in stock.

Red came to us almost spontaneously, without really knowing why.

Today, with the collection well established, we realize how right this choice was for us. Here you will find everything that this color carries as symbols, some of which do not displease us: audacity, impertinence, vitality and strength were undoubtedly underlying our choice.

The historian Michel Pastoureau devoted a book to him.

Red has a multitude of symbolic meanings in many cultures, including life, health, vigor, war, courage, anger, and love.

What do all these things have in common? Passion !

The color red is also that of danger, of excitement.

Red, synonymous with speed and eccentricity, can stimulate and amuse, but certainly not invite rest and ease.

In modern and contemporary art, red is exploited as the color of shock, fire, violence and the evil spirit, but also as the divine color of a supernatural world of joy and redemption.

Red danAccording to the chemist Raphaël Haumont, in The Colors of the Kitchen, “On the semiological level, the values ​​and symbols can differ.

Concretely, red is the metaphor of strength, violence, aggressiveness. By metonymy, it represents tomatoes, cherries, fire trucks. Symbolically, or by convention, it means “prohibited” (traffic sign), “whole milk”, or even “communism”…”s food

Le rouge dans la nourriture

What immediately comes to mind are Christian Louboutin's red soles. In the stroke of a brush, the iconic signature of the House was born. If the creator is still amused by what he calls a “happy accident”, the world had just received the most fabulous of icons.

We also talk about Valentino red, and we think of makeup brand La Bouche Rouge.

This list is far from exhaustive as red is omnipresent on the catwalks, whether in the Haute Couture or Ready-to-Wear fashion shows.

From UB40, with red red wine, to Jeanne Mas with en rouge et noir, including the very recent return to the spotlight of l’affiche rouge by Leo Ferré, interpreted by Feu Chatterton, or even rouge by Fredericks, Goldman et Jones, red is a very inspiring symbol for songwriters of all eras.

Pochette The Beatles rouge
the beatles rouge

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