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Artist residency: Romuald Jandolo – Le Lait Art Center

Once again, we are welcoming an artist as part of a residency organized by the Le Lait Art Center, a member of the Graulhet le cuir associationwhich allows selected personalities to be immersed for several weeks and to discover all the know-how around leather to make them your own and create a work.

Invited for edition n°4 of « The art of encounter », Romuald Jandolo will confront this new material that he has never had the opportunity to work with. And our workshop is one of those in which he seeks - and finds - material to create. Romuald is thus preparing a generous exhibition which will be displayed in two large spaces of the Maison des Métiers du Cuir de Graulhet, with immersive installations where ceramics, textile pieces and leather pieces will be arranged. From his childhood spent in the great circus family, Romuald has retained his attraction for the spectacular, the flamboyant. For this residency and exhibition in Tarn, he wishes to evoke Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, as a "last spectacular tribute to Toulouse-Lautrec", between fantasy and reality. Toulouse-Lautrec showed women in “between two” situations (between the moment of the show and more solitary intimacy). In the same way, Romuald wants to work on what we show, and calls into the installation little-known characters or those left in the shadows of the history of the circus (women and black artists in particular). He questions what remains or reaches us, as much as the more intimate remanence of memories. Like Toulouse-Lautrec again, Romuald Jandolo considers the body as a place of scenography, is interested in the relationship to femininity with modesty and poetry. Plays on anachronisms and aesthetic links between eras, references drawn from the world of the circus, entertainment and religion will transport visitors with humor and poetry into this very unique universe. The restitution exhibition of this project will be held from June 14 at the Maison des Métiers du Cuir and throughout the summer. And we are happy!

Artist residency: Romuald Jandolo - France 3 Occitanie

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