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Leather scraps for art therapy

Since 2018, we have regularly donated our unusable leather scraps for leather goods to the MGEN Mental Health Establishment in Toulouse.

It is a day psychiatric hospital for adults which uses, among other therapeutic means, art therapy.


Previously sorted by color then cut by caregivers, these scraps are used during a mediated therapy workshop inspired by mosaic or stained glass: the “Créa-Cuir” workshop.

Patients are then asked to completely fill a wooden support of approximately 15x15cm, leaving no empty area, in order to make best use of the pre-cut pieces as they are. It's important to take the time to find the right piece.

Patients create their mosaics and progress at their own pace. Here are some examples of what was achieved during these workshops:

Art thérapie sculpture en cuir
Œuvre art thérapie

The most daring have even gone so far as to create sculptures.

We were blown away by their production: the color combinations, the patterns, the rhythm... We like everything!

And we never thought that such wonders could be born from such disparate pieces, at the very end of the recycling chain, that is to say after we cut our models from skins that were themselves upcycled, then our cards in the scraps of these skins, then our key rings in the scraps of these scraps...


Further proof, if any were needed, that with us, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

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